Reflection on the greatest threat for the mankind.

Hi there !

I am actually taking english classes in Washington in a pretty great english center ! The teachers asked us to write a few sentences about : What do you think the greatest threat to mankind is today ?

So, here is my work :

Today, there are a lot of disasters and wars in this world, but I think the greatest threat to mankind are ignorance and fear.

If people knew how nature or their body worked, they wouldn’t be afraid of wars, terrorist attacks or even natural disasters. When you understand that everything is linked, that every human or non human beings are connected, you believe in your ability to be responsible for creating the life you want to live.

We have the responsibility to choose the people that surrounds us. We have the responsibility to know what happens when we buy things made of plastic and stored in plastic everyday. We have the responsability to choose what kind of food we want, how many cars and Iphones we need, how we want to raise our children and where we should live to feel fulfilled and well-balanced.

When people are under the power of fear, they let other people decide what’s important, how they should live, what they should eat to be « healthy ». Most of all, when a population is full of fears, it doesn’t want to embrace new cultures, it blames strangers for every problem it thinks it is victim of.

We are not guilty for the wars, for the natural disasters or for the crazy politics that lead the world. However, we are responsible to change it, to choose something else, to feel free to decide by ourselves. Because our most precious right should be freedom.

So much things missing but that was only an introduction.

I hope you liked it ! Please tell me what’s the greatest threat for the mankind for you bellow !


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